We’re releasing Alignable’s Q3 2022 Road To Recovery Report today. It’s based on a poll conducted among 3,564 small business (SMB) owners from 7/9/22 to 8/4/22, along with historical data from 675,000 small business owners surveyed since March 2020.

While some small businesses saw a modest improvement in their customer counts and revenues over the past quarter, unfortunately, most of those gains were wiped out by record-breaking inflation.

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SMBs Fear Shuttering By Year’s End

Here are report highlights:

  • Overall, only 25% of all small businesses report being fully recovered, matching or exceeding monthly revenues they generated prior to COVID. 
  • That’s the lowest recovery rate we’ve tracked in over a year. It’s 1% less than June’s, 2% less than last quarter’s, and 18% less than December’s rate of 43%.
    • Only 20% of restaurant owners have recovered, down 13% from 33% in April. 
    • It’s a similar situation for retailers. Only 25% are making what they did prior to COVID, down 9% from 36% in April.
    • Given higher-than-usual gas prices, car services, truckers, and others in transportation have dropped 19% from 36% in April, landing at just 17% being fully recovered now.
    • Due to higher interest rates, real estate firms are struggling more, too. Only 23% are fully recovered, down 11% from 34% in April.
  • 47% of the U.S.-based SMBs expressed concern that if inflationary trends don’t improve, they could shutter by year’s end. One percent of those businesses have already closed.
  • One of the biggest reasons for worry comes down to this statistic: 91% reported higher costs for gas, labor, supplies, or more, but only 61% have been able to charge customers more to cover those expenses.
  • 54% of SMBs in Illinois & Colorado say they could shut down by year’s end. In Colorado, 3% have already closed for good.
  • 53% of New York’s small businesses have similar concerns, as do 50% in New Jersey, and 47% in California & Massachusetts.
  • In Canada, the national figure is 56%, and 2% of that group already shuttered. 
  • Looking at the provinces, 59% in Alberta, 54% in Ontario, and 50% in British Columbia are worried about potentially closing by the end of 2022, as well, given the financial stress they’re under. 

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