Baggage Claim: Joystick founder and TikTok star Michael Le on his favorite travel gadgets


With over 1 billion likes and 51.5 million followers on TikTok, Michael Le is one of the most viewed and influential content creators on the popular video sharing app. His viral TikTok videos led the way for him to grow his audience elsewhere, including on YouTube (with 2.68 million subscribers) and Instagram (2.3 million followers).

Le is also a vocal supporter of Web3, and earlier this year, he cofounded a new gaming and e-sports platform called Joystick, alongside tech entrepreneur Robin DeFay. Joystick describes itself as the first gaming platform to flip the current play-to-earn revenue sharing model by giving players 100% of the revenue they generate.

Le recently shared more with Fortune about the gadgets and gear he never travels without.

I always take an Anker portable charger with me. It’s imperative that I have at least five to 10 times worth of phone battery with me so I’m never stranded or stuck anywhere. Better safe than sorry.

I just recently bought this mic and it’s so useful that I bring it with me no matter what. It’s a huge relief for me to know that I can shoot content at any given moment.

Of course, my phone is my number one essential I bring everywhere with me. I make my entire career and relationships from it; this is an obvious no-brainer.

When it comes to work, I need to be able to see everything on a larger screen. Meetings, notes, scheduling, and editing are all made easier when I have my laptop on hand. Apple and Macs also allow for AirDrop and connectivity between my phone and laptop, so that’s super helpful.

This is something I started caring a lot more about recently. Having the essentials to keep my face clean and nice is so important to me. The face is the moneymaker, so I gotta take extra care of it!

This is an installment of Baggage Claim, a series featuring famous personalities from all different backgrounds and industries, revealing what they always pack when traveling, either for business or pleasure.


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