Bond With Consumers: Blockchain-Based App Allows Hemp Companies Streamline Their Business


Global Compliance Applications Corp. (GCAC) CSE a Vancouver-based blockchain application company is partnering with two others to offer affordable ways for hemp growers to connect with customers.

“GCAC is partnering with ThingBlu Inc., a Washington state-based software-as-a-service agricultural solution, and B&M Products and Services LLP, an Indiana company that contracts with industrial hemp growers and processors,” reported Wednesday Streetwise Reports. “GCAC and ThingBlu provide the app and the business solutions, while B&M connects them with growers.”

A Blockchain-Based Solution For Hemp SMEs

Efixii is GCAC’s blockchain-based app which allows hemp producers to receive feedback from buyers. In exchange, the app offers digital rewards.

The app records the different stages in the cannabis supply chain. All the information is available via a QR code that shows the plants’ genetic makeup, place of production, and features feedback from other clients. In addition, consumers can share feedback and get rewards from the grower, like a non-fungible token (NFT).

GCAC’s CEO Brad Moore described the initiative as a tool small-to-medium-sized companies never had access to that creates a direct bond with the end consumer.

GCAC launched Efixii in 2020 on its own blockchain.

The app works on an electronic distributed ledger system and allows the creation of NFTs.

“As a person who grew up farming, I know agriculture runs on very tight margins,” said Kevin Gorman, CEO of ThingBlu. “With the industrial hemp market ramping up, ThingBlu’s SaaS (software as a service) software analysis of collected workflow and sensor data can play a huge part in a hemp farmer’s viability. On the blockchain, it’s unbeatable.”

A Greener, Sustainable Industry

In addition, GCAC announced on its website, it will be funding Canadian cultivators that license its Efixii cannabis compliance solution through its “Cultivators Program,” using decentralized finance. Successful applicants will be approved to sell their cannabis through its online portal to Canadian medical patients.

Beyond Efixii, GCAC offers an app called “clearESG” that provides a tool to help cultivators pick their Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance (ESG) commitments, document their progress towards those goals and share it with their customers, community and investors.

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