DOGE Co-founder Says He Sees Fewer Spambots, Thinks Twitter Has Done Something - Dogecoin (DOGE/USD)


The co-founder of Dogecoin DOGE/USD, Billy Markus, has gone on Twitter to talk about cryptocurrency bots on the platform. 

He tweeted, saying he sees fewer spambots than before and wondered if Twitter has done anything about the issue.

Marcus said he has noticed that the amount of crypto spambots he sees on Twitter has decreased significantly.

He then referred to 200 Binance CZ bots, which would respond to his tweets immediately. However, he said there are now only 20.

Responding to Markus, one of his followers said this could be natural selection. 

A Twitter user named @WholeMarsBlog said he sees the same amount of bots. 

Here is how Marcus responded to him. 

Last month, Marcus and Elon Musk trolled crypto spambots and tweeted about YouTube crypto scammers that used the name of Uniswap to scoop cash from small investors. 

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Since Musk offered to buy Twitter, he has been vocal about Twitter bots and has asked the company to address the problem. 


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