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Welcome back to another episode of Fintech, What the Heck?, the best podcast for financial professionals, everything fintech, and the future of data! In this episode we had the opportunity of interviewing the Chief Operating Officer of Everysk Technologies, Nick Beattie! Everysk is a New York based technology company that launched in 2016. The company is a leading provider of investment workflows, and specializes in powerful workflow automation for wealth advisors, hedge funds, family offices, and a variety of other establishments. Easily improve your businesses portfolio and avoid unwanted risks with Everysk’s advanced platform.

Next, we caught up with Intrinio’s Vice President of Product, Alec Isaac, and conversed about Intrinio’s customer needs, the infinite world of data, and integration costs. Lastly, your host Andrew Carpenter wraps up the episode with a discussion on standardized financials.


Meet the COO of Everysk Technologies, Nick Beattie (0:46)

Nick Beattie describes what Everysk is doing in the finance world and the investment challenges they’re solving. Beattie also talks about the company’s customizable workflows and how they improve business operations overall.  

Fintech insights with Intrinio’s VP of Product, Alec Issac (21:23)

Alec Issac explains his role, discusses Intrinio’s products, and shares his point of view on various aspects of the data industry and what clients are genuinely interested in.  

Fintech insights with Intrinio’s Co-founder Andrew Carpenter (35:56)

Your host Andrew Carpenter thoroughly discusses what standardized financials are, and shows you how to understand and analyze these statements through screenshare.  

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