Exciting New Features Announced For Inspection Devices by IVS


A leading manufacturer of inspection technology, Industrial Vision Systems (Ltd) has unveiled its latest developments for the medical, pharmaceuticals, automotive, food production and electronics sectors. IVS – which has produced globally renowned inspection devices since 2000 – announced that it had upgraded many of the features available with its cutting-edge inspection products as well as adding to their functions in innovative ways.


Highlights from the announcement include new multi-language support and updated inspection functions, to name but two. The move will afford manufacturers using their inspection technology longer warranty protection. It is also expected that further deployment of their systems into production environments where they may not previously have been used will be possible. 


IVS said that the inspection capability of its product range would be upgraded with immediate effect. Among these measures was an enhanced verification for colour matching. Furthermore, the Oxfordshire-based company said that it would now be able to offer a more robust feature extraction functionality. This will be of particular benefit in working environments where there may be uneven illumination or when items being inspected may be partially obscured. Not least thanks to the improved geometric contour inspection technology now available, any business using automation for robotic positioning, part recognition or pattern identification is now likely to be able to take advantage of these improvements. 


The newly introduced multilingual support means real-time process information can be visualised more easily. The supported languages now include Chinese, Czech, French, English, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian and Spanish. In order to conform with certain EU regulations, users will now be able to switch between the various languages offered even when their devices are in their operational modes.


Another measure announced by IVS is that it has introduced improvements in the way its range of devices can now handle data. As a result of the new features dealing with data management, huge datasets of inspection information – including images – can now be visualised more fully. This includes live updates of the sort of data that might be registered by a machine interface, for example. Essentially, this means that ever-faster information feedback is allowed for, helping to ensure greater quality assurance and production control. Quality managers should now be better informed about their control systems and have the data to back up their claims. 


Earl Yardley, Industrial Vision Systems Director, said, “We continue to innovate and improve our product offering. Innovation is within our DNA. These extra features will benefit our customers by increasing productivity and allow our vision system solutions to assist with automated visual inspection regimes globally.”


Over the last two decades, IVS has grown to become one of Europe’s leading in the field of vision inspection machines, machine vision products, smart camera systems and specialist inspection equipment. 


IVS adheres to Good Automated Manufacturing Practice (GAMP) guidelines and exports to countries all over the world. 

IVS began a programme of rolling out these upgrades and features in 2019 and this will continue throughout 2020.


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