Failure, Real-Time Data Integration & Financial Crime Risk Management [Podcast]

In this episode of Fintech, What the Heck?, our podcast covering all things fintech, Andrew Carpenter talks about the lessons he learned from Intrinio’s biggest failures. We also talked to one of Intrinio’s Senior Software Engineers, Evan Hyde, about what goes into building a real-time integration, and the CEO of Preventor, Jaime Ramirez, about how his company is tackling financial crime risk management.  

Watch the episode and check out the highlights below!

Fintech Insights (0:37)

Andrew Carpenter explains what he learned from some of Intrinio’s biggest failures, from confusing HR policies to ineffective print mailers.

From the Experts (12:57)

Intrinio’s Senior Software Engineer, Evan Hyde, offers a deep dive into building a real-time data integration.

You Should Know (31:11)  

Jaime Ramirez, CEO of Preventor, explains how his company is making financial crime risk management accessible to companies across industries and globally.

The full episode is available on YouTube and wherever you get your podcasts. Interested in learning more about Intrinio? Visit

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