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What is a financial data API?

APIs are revolutionizing the way the financial services industry operates – from the way financial data is stored and accessed, to the way transactions and payments are handled, to the general strategies used for bringing ideas to life.

A financial data API (application programming interface) provides fintech companies, traders, and investors with an efficient way to retrieve comprehensive market data and helps developers create financial apps more effectively. Essentially, this modern software simplifies processes, ensures accuracy, and speeds up operations for all types of fintech companies and users around the world.

Why do I need a financial data API?

Fintech companies depend on APIs for several reasons. For example, this technology makes it possible to retrieve a wealth of data in an organized and easy-to-read format – meaning companies no longer have to gather information from various complex sources.  

Being able to retrieve data this way also saves users a lot of time, allowing companies to improve on other areas of their business. Another reason your fintech company needs a financial data API is in regard to the direct access you’ll have to data experts. Most market data providers have a support team on deck, ready to help any users that experience issues or that may need insights.  

APIs have become more integral to business infrastructures as they continue to help fintech companies expand and enhance their financial offerings.  

10 Reasons your fintech company needs an API

  1. Gain fast access to the most accurate data  
  1. APIs can save your fintech company huge costs
  1. Save significant time across your business
  1. An API platform can ensure effective operations
  1. APIs allow for flexibility within a business
  1. Request expert assistance whenever you need it
  1. Expand business growth with an API platform
  1. Get your organization’s strategy on track
  1. Expect easier integrations for your business
  1. APIs can improve workplace productivity levels  

What is the best stock market API?

There are thousands of market data providers to choose from, so it’s important to do your research before selecting one. Factors to explore when looking for a financial data provider include overall costs, services offered, and whether their system is easy to use or not.  

Intrinio is an excellent data provider that specializes in customized data solutions for fintech businesses. Their powerful APIs are perfect for fintech companies who need high-quality market data, fundamentals, real-time prices and more. Intrinio also offers fully supported SDK’s in six languages.  

When you choose Intrinio as a data provider, you’re also gaining a partner. With Intrinio, users have access to a massive database, dedicated customer success members, technical support, documentation, and co-marketing opportunities. And every data package is priced competitively so you can do more with less. If you want to learn more about our financial services and packages, please reach out today.  


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