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Welcome back to another episode of Fintech, What the Heck?, the best podcast for financial professionals, everything fintech, and the future of data! In this episode, we had the pleasure of interviewing Cameron Peake, Partner of Financial Venture Studio. Financial Venture Studio invests in and supports high potential founders to build the world’s best fintech companies.


Meet the Partner of Financial Venture Studio, Cameron Peake (:34)  

Cameron shares with host Andrew Carpenter a little of her previous background in banking and how she focuses on ways to improve or expand financial services and what Financial Venture Studio does.

Her motivation for joining Financial Venture Studio (FVS) was being able to provide capital and operational support for early fintech startups. Andrew asks Cameron things she is noticing at FVS and how increased verticalization is playing out. Cameron shares they are seeing more and more companies digitizing, and the industries slow to adapt are starting to change into a fintech revolution. Cameron explains some companies that are hesitant and slow to adapt to change require a lot of education and explaining benefits.

They go on to discuss more about web3 and crypto industry and Cameron’s prediction for what’s coming next in the industry. Cameron shares with listeners that 10% of deals they are seeing at Financial Venture Studio are web3 and crypto companies, which explains the excitement and energy around this industry versus the traditional finance. Cameron thinks of it as a decentralized architecture – more control in the hands of users, giving users more control of their data or have a say in a feature or strategies in an organization. She shares with us techniques she uses to help startups in reference to the leadership component and the different styles. Cameron explains the different types of leadership and discusses her personal journey focusing on her as a leader and explains she is most successful when she understands her values and strengths with herself.

She has learned those values are essential as your company grows and are great techniques to reinforce for other leaders within your company to grasp onto, which ultimately impacts how your brand is viewed. Andrew asks Cameron to share some of the personal pitfalls she’s made and whether she shares those with new founders? Cameron shares she learned to trust her gut, even if she doesn’t have the answers. Listening to your gut and trusting your instinct and collaborating with your team to reach an answer in order to reach more sustainability. Lastly, Andrew closes out the interview by asking Cameron what tips she has for new founders starting out and what Financial Venture Studio looks for in companies to invest in.

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