Google Set To Launch Tool For Developers For Android Apps To Play Across All Devices


Alphabet Inc’s GOOGL GOOG Google has now opened doors for developers to create various Android-based apps that will be able to connect with a range of devices. 

In a recent announcement, Google said it would launch a new cross-device software development kit (SDK) to help developers make their apps play across Android devices. 

Google’s Cross-device SDK will work on apps for Android phones, tablets, TV, Auto, Wear OS, ChromeOS, iOS, and Windows, and all other platforms. 

The new SDK will help developers to discover nearby devices, establish secure connections between devices, and host an app’s experience across multiple devices.

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The cross-device toolkit is currently available in a developer preview and only works with Android phones and tablets for now. 

How it will be helpful: According to Google, the new cross-device SDK will be helpful in many ways. 

Multiple users on separate devices, for example, can choose items from a menu when creating a group food order. The new platform could also let you read a long article on your phone and finish reading it on your tablet without losing your place.

This may also help complete a movie rental or purchase on your TV by using your phone to enter your form of payment.

It could also allow the passengers in a car to share a specific map location with the vehicle’s navigation system.

Another use case would be to help discover and pair companion devices such as fitness trackers or headphones.

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