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HGSI has a Community Forum that is used to facilitate user-to-user discussions about stocks, investing techniques, strategies or discussions on the current market conditions.

This discussion forum is free to post investing questions. It allows searching and replying to specific posts so that messages may be seen in context (i.e., discussion threads).

Below is a detailed written run through the basics of the Community Forum to make sure you are maximizing its impact by:

  • How to sign up
  • Join the HGSI Group & Set Preferences
  • Join the conversation

Signing up is easy and free.

2. Click on Sign Up

3. Click on Email address

Click on Email address

4. Click on password field

Click on password field

5. Click on Create An Account

Click on Create An Account

You will receive an email notification for verification.

Join HGSI Group & Set Preferences

After you receive and have verified your account creation.

1. Click on Find groups

Click on Find groups

2. Type “hgsi”

Type "hgsi"

3. Click on HGSI-Investor / HGSI Investment Software

Click on HGSI-Investor / HGSI Investment Software

4. Click on HGSI Investment Software…

Click on HGSI Investment Software…

5. Click on Join This Group

Click on Join This Group

6. Click on Main@HGSI-Investor.Groups.Io…

Click on Main@HGSI-Investor.Groups.Io…

7. Click on Subscription Options

After you click on this option you should select the preference you wish to adhere to

Click on Subscription Options

8. Select the email cadence you wish

7. Click on Advanced Preferences to Verify they are set up to your liking

Click on tab

8. Click on Save

Click on Save

Join the conversation

2. Click on New Topic

Click on New Topic

5. Type a quick subject and your message, question or input to be sent out to the Community

Type in highlight

6. Click on Send

Click on Send

If you want to add to a current conversation

1. Click on Messages

Click on Messages

2. Click on NASDAQ Comp.

Click on NASDAQ Comp.

3. Click on Reply

Click on Reply

4. Click on subject

Click on subject

5. Click on …

Click on …

6. Type in your derived message

Type in highlight

7. Click on Reply to Group

Click on Reply to Group


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