I’m Retired, Where to Start? [Podcast]



Investing at retirement is difficult. You must find the right balance between income, stability, and growth. From tax optimization to creating your paycheck and sector allocation, things can get overwhelming and leave you at a point where to don’t know where to start. Here are tips for setting a great retirement plan and achieving your goals. 

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You’ll Learn

  • What are the three D’s of tax optimization and what role should they play in your strategy?
  • How should you assess your retirement budget and what important details not to leave aside?
  • Should you aim at living off your dividends alone or should you focus on total return? What are the pros and cons of each option?
  • What kind of sector allocation should retirees look for? Are there sectors best suited for them?
  • What about dividend safety? How can investors improve their yield while not jeopardizing their dividend payments?
  • Mike often says that retirement is not a time to gamble. But what does he exactly mean?
  • What’s the process for replacing or buying some stocks in a retiree’s portfolio?
  • Mike ends the episode by focusing on the importance of following the plan that got you to retirement and not crave for shiny objects.

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Bob Lai, from Tawcan, is a Canadian dividend investor who chronicles his quest for financial independence and joyful life. His portfolio currently generates over $3,400 in dividends per month. Here is Bob’s journey to financial independence and his approach to investing in dividend growers to reach it.



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