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Investing is like a great hike. You plan, but you never really know what will happen or if a storm is ahead.

Mike shares how he financially, physically, and mentally prepared to climb Kilimanjaro and the life lessons learned that apply to investing.

You’ll Learn

  • In such an adventure, the fun is in the journey, not the destination. You need to enjoy the preparation before reaching the top of the mountain, otherwise, you’ll give up. The same goes for investing.
  • The pandemic lockdown helped Mike get ready: it allowed him to work harder on his business and improve his physical and mental health.
  • During the hike, a friend greatly inspired Mike and the group. “Anybody can do one more step” was the mantra that led them up. Mike tells the inspirational story of Richard and how investors can apply that on a day-to-day basis.
  • To avoid altitude sickness, climbers need to acclimatize their bodies. Like uncertain times on the market, taking smaller bites at once can bring anyone further.
  • Communicating with the group before and during the trip helped Mike keep his mindset throughout the 10 days he climbed Kilimanjaro. This should be part of any investment plan as well.
  • Inspiration can come from a lot of different sources. Mike had the proof with an 11 years old climber that demonstrated his courage and perseverance.

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