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1. The Acquirers Podcast: Tobias Carlisle, Jake Taylor, and Bill Brewster

If you are a value investor, look no further than The Acquirers Podcast. The host Tobias Carlisle is an expert in the value investing landscape. He does an excellent job of selecting guest hosts who bring unique expertise to the table ranging from undervalued stocks, deep-value investing, shareholder activism, and capital management. However, recently, the Acquirer’s Podcast has shifted away from one-on-one interviews and is primarily focused on its Value After Hours segment (which ironically takes place during market hours). Value After Hours is co-hosted by Tobias Carlisle, Jake Taylor, Bill Brewster and now and again features pinch-hitting guest hosts like Kyla Scanlon and Mike Mitchell, and when combined, they make for a fantastic hour of entertainment.

Tobias Carlisle brings his value expertise and ever-positive outlook on value’s performance versus its growth factor counterpart on a weekly basis. Jake Taylor is a partner at Farnam Street. His analogous “veggies” segments show just how talented an individual he is. These segments make complex ideas easily digestible and allow listeners to improve their decision-making outlooks on the financial landscape. Bill Brewster is a private investor running his family’s fund and does a fantastic job keeping his fingers on the FinTwit Pulse. Bill is the man for you if you want to stay informed of the latest drama or have a deep desire to learn more about Qurate. You will leave every podcast more informed on the financial world and perhaps converted into a value investor yet.

An Episode to Get You Started:

Value After Hours S03E43: David Gardner, Small Value and Market Value, Yoshiaki Murakami and Japanese Value

After getting started as a co-host on the Acquirers Podcast, Bill Brewster decided to take his talents to South Beach (or somewhere in Florida) and start his podcast that dives deep into investing and business philosophies.  

In a finance world full of ego Bill Brewster’s humor and the down-to-earth vibes of his guest hosts is a refreshing breather. Bill’s ability to appreciate that he doesn’t know everything and ask great questions on various topics allows his guest hosts’ extensive knowledge to shine. One of the best aspects of the Business Brew is that nothing ever appears to be scripted, and this provides every episode with the flexibility to cover a wide range of material.

Whether you’re looking to become a better investor, interested in learning more about macro environments, or just wanting to learn more about the world of finance, The Business Brew has you covered from all angles.

An Episode to Get You Started:

Chris Cerrone – A Simple, Quality Discussion

With a name like Niels Kaastrup-Larsen, it is no wonder that Top Traders Unplugged delivers high-quality trend-following content. Okay, perhaps it isn’t the name but rather the 30 years of experience in the hedge fund industry that allows Niels to deliver unique content on all things alternative investing.

Top Traders Unplugged focuses on systematic trading and trend following, giving listeners an in-depth understanding of the CTA landscape, the latest updates on trend modeling performance, and tips and tricks on allocating part of your portfolio to trend following.

Finally, an added touch of this podcast is Niel and his guest host’s ability to answer the audience’s questions on trend following, informing listeners on how they can build and improve on their trend following and systematic trading models. Top Traders Unplugged provides a wealth of knowledge for investors interested in commodities, currencies, equities, and forex trading; you will not be disappointed.

An Episode to Get You Started:

VOL10: Why We All Need Volatility ft. Cem Karsan

Didn’t think you wanted to listen to 6 hours of Berkshire Hathaway history? Neither did I, until I came across the Acquired Podcast, and man, I was blown away.

Ben Gilbert and David Rosenthal’s deep research and impeccable ability to break down a company’s playbook and chronicle their history has no equal in the podcast world. While not a purely investing podcast, the knowledge shared by Ben and David will undoubtedly leave listeners in a more informed headspace when it comes time to portfolio allocation. By the end of each podcast, Ben and David will have encouraged every listener to start the next billion-dollar unicorn and have provided them with helpful kernels of knowledge to set them on their way. The wide variety of companies covered and the deep research conveyed in each episode will leave you eager for the next drop, guaranteed.

An Episode to Get You Started:

Berkshire Hathaway Part I

Where can you find informed takes on all things Web 3, crypto, NFTs, and the hottest memes, look no further than Not Investment Advice.  

Don’t let the light-hearted dialogue of this podcast fool you; co-hosts Jack Butcher, Bilal Zaidi and Trung Phan have a wealth of knowledge between them, and pack this podcast with plenty of in-depth knowledge on topics you won’t find anywhere else. Covering the edges of the crypto ecosystem, you will be amazed every week by the novel insights provided to you by its hosts and the enjoyable manner in which they deliver them.  

Overall, whether you’re looking to learn more on Twitter drama, crypto rug pulls, or a flourishing DeFi project, this podcast has you covered and will ensure your next hour-long commute is an absolute breeze.  

An Episode to Get You Started:

Ep 42 – Joe Rogan Spotify Controversy, ARK’s $1mil Bitcoin Target, Coachella NFTs & India Making Crypto Legal

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