Trump Sends Fundraising Email Shortly After Being Subpoenaed: 'I'm Fighting For YOU, YOUR Home, YOUR Heritage, and YOUR Freedom'


Shortly after the Jan. 6 Congressional committee concluded its hearings on Thursday, Donald Trump sent out a fundraising email, flaunting his increasing approval ratings and emphasizing his commitment to saving America, according to a screenshot of the email Business Insider took.

The former president noted he has about 96% approval rating among the Republican party, with very high approval numbers on fighting crime, the economy and foreign relations.

Trump also said he is fighting to save America by standing up to some of the “menacing forces, entrenched interests and vicious opponents,” adding that the “establishment hates me for just that.”

“Our MAGA moment is by far the greatest political movement in the history of our Country, because I am fighting for YOU, YOUR home, YOUR heritage and YOUR freedom,” Trump said in the email.

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The email has a link to a survey with questions such as, “Are you concerned about the Radical Left’s effect on this country,” Business Insider reported. Then there is a prompt, asking to donate at least $45 to the “Save America Joint Fundraising Committee.”

This committee is made up of two of Trump’s post-presidential committees, namely, Save America and Make America Great Again PAC, and the ex-president is using the PACs for funding several of his expenses, including conducting rallies, covering legal bills and paying staffers, the report said.

The House Select Committee is probing the events that preceded the Jan. 6, 2021, riot, which was unleashed after Trump lost the presidential election in November 2020. The committee wrapped up its 10th public hearing on Thursday and voted unanimously to subpoena Trump to question him about his role in the events.

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