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What is stock market data?

Stock data refers to the valuable trade-related data created from every transaction on the Stock Market Exchanges, and includes information such as price, bid/ask quotes, and market volume. This collection of price and trade data helps fintech platforms and investors stay on top of the ever-changing market.  

What type of businesses can benefit from stock data?

Stock market data is used by a variety of enterprises – from consulting firms to retail trading platforms to robo-advisory services. This financial information can help companies identify and control issues faster, improves the customer service experience, and can even increase the accuracy of your platform’s financial forecasts. Below are six different types of fintech businesses that use stock market information for internal and external purposes.  

What are the different types of businesses that utilize market data?

5 Ways your company can use stock market data

Stock market information offers many valuable advantages for fintech companies. Below are five useful reasons why you should start implementing stock data analytics into your business operation.

  • Power your business with the latest data
  • Use market data to improve overall operations  
  • Build trading algorithms and investing tools  
  • Create and backtest portfolios effortlessly
  • Expand your platform’s services and user base  

Where can I get the best US stock data?

Are you looking for daily stock data to use for your fintech platform? Intrinio is an excellent data provider that specializes in custom data solutions for a range of companies. Start your free two-week trial today to gain access to high-quality data and developer tools within minutes – no credit card required.  

What type of market data does Intrinio offer?

  • Real-Time Snap and Streaming Equity Prices

This type of data is essential for driving trading decisions and powering trade execution platforms.

  • Historical End of Day US Stock Prices

Intrinio’s EOD data is perfect for backtesting, charting, and historical analysis.

  • 15-Minute Delayed Snap Equity Prices

The delayed feed is ideal for businesses that don’t necessarily require real-time data.  

  • Real-Time and Delayed Options Prices

Intrinio’s filtered US options feed provides NBBO quotes and trades from OPRA.  

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